So What is a TNUA?


The ride started almost 15 years ago as a way to have fun on mountain bikes in the city of Rochester at night. The interesting parts about the ride were using the lights from the city instead of riding out in the country in complete darkness, riding randomly anywhere & everywhere with no predetermined route in mind and checking out all the cool places and things the city offers that most people don't know about. The modern day TNUA has evolved one step further towards including riders of all abilities. Instead of hammering all night long from place to place as in the past the new ride consists of a slower pace throughout the night with random sprints, hill repeats or crit loops thrown in to keep the faster riders happy. The basis of the ride is to bring all abilities together, have fun again on your bicycle like when you were a kid and check out the city in a way that can only be experienced on a bicycle. The plus is that everyone usually gets a good workout by the end of the night and improves their bike handling skills at the same time. The ride is not intended to be competitive all night long. If you find yourself constantly concentrating on passing your way up to the front in anticipation of something or saying to yourself at the end of the night that you didn't get a good enough workout - you're missing the point. There are 6 other days of the week to hammer with the same riders you hammer with all the time. The coolest thing I have personally enjoyed from the TNUAs is witnessing an intimidated rider that would never even consider riding with some of the racers and competitive athletes come out and give it a try. It's awesome to get these people involved and see them transform from unsettled and apprehensive to confident and having fun. Faster, stronger and more experienced athletes can inspire others by keeping their testosterone in check. Try bringing someone to the TNUAs that you would never normally ride with because they can't keep up with you - you might just enjoy the new experience. One of the best quotes from a TNUA was from a guy that came up to me after a ride with a huge smile and said "I actually rode with my wife tonight and we had an awesome time! She never rides with me!"

Who We Are

We are people of all ages and backgrounds who refuse to let the weatherman tell us when we can or can't go out and play on our bikes.

What We Do

We check out the city of Rochester and it's surrounding areas in a way that can only be done on a bicycle. The TNUAs will be fairly unstructured for the first half of the season, but eventually we'll throw in IPUs, crit loops, hill repeats, and the occasional jousting match.

Where We Go

There are no predetermined destinations for any given night.

How it Works


Thanks, Scott Page